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December 10, 2015

Trust in Kirby

"We've got to get an offensive coordinator named soon!"
"If [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH ALABAMA HOT SHOT COACH/STAFF] is coming, why won't they just announce it?"
"We are going to lose out on all our top recruits if we don't have a staff by the Gala!"

All of those were things said to me over the past few days. For a much thorough, and hand wringing, treatment, check out any UGA message board. You would think the sky is falling.

And I get the hand wringing. This is a huge pivot point for Georgia athletics. This hire will define how we do business going forward, at least until the next time we change football coaches. Much as Mark Richt's approach defined how we did business for the past 13+ years. And this hire's success, as most of them are, hinges on the coordinators and other staff Kirby Smart hires for his staff.

That being said, if we wanted Kirby Smart so much that we trusted him to take our program to the level Mark Richt hadn't, why don't we trust him to execute his plan to bring his staff in?
  • If Kirby is after a name offensive coordinator, it is extraordinarily unlikely he is going to leave his current team before his season is over. That isn't done. Nor should it be done. We'd go six kinds of crazy as a fan base if it happened to us.
  • If Kirby is going to bring folks from Alabama, it is not going to happen until they get done with their current season, nor should it. It's not going to be formally announced until then. We wanted The Process here. Part of The Process is total focus on the goals of The Program. Announcing [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH ALABAMA HOT SHOT COACH/STAFF] any time before they walk out of the locker room after their last game isn't part of The Process. Allowing a school to talk to [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH ALABAMA HOT SHOT COACH/STAFF] without the explicit understanding that it will not be announced before Alabama is done is The Process.
  • If Kirby is the head coach we are willing to part with Mark Richt for, those recruits will come. Or he'll recruit other guys that he'll coach up. And it'll happen this year. 
Yes, I know Kirby left before the end of the season. I know Bobo did last year. That is for a head coaching job. That's different. Same goes for the defensive scheme guru that came with Kirby. Smart likely worked out a side deal with Coach Saban that involved announcing Schumann in exchange for keeping hands off everyone else until they were done.

That is how The Process works. The Process is about focus on the present to effectuate your future goals, doing the little things right to obtain that goal, developing and executing a well thought out plan to reach that goal, and being calm knowing you have the talent to execute the plan to reach the goal.

Welcome to The Process.


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