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December 23, 2015

UGA Hoops Update

UGA is starting to play like the top 40 RPI team we were hoping they would be. After winning a tough game Saturday against Georgia Tech, they manhandled Clemson last night.
While the win over Tech was a great win, as Tech is a top 100 or so RPI team, the Clemson win was more illustrative. Clemson came into the game in the 200s in RPI. This is the first team UGA has faced below the 150s (UTC, Oakland, Kansas State, and Seton Hall are all top 100). I was looking for a win like this versus an over matched team, because early on, we hadn't shown we could control a game against a team we should beat going away. I'm looking at you High Point game.

Those are the types of games you mess around and lose that get you seeded 11th or on the outside looking in in March.

On the Waitin' Since Last Saturday Podcast, Will Leitch said he thought 7-3 was the low end of the OOC, while I thought it was the high end. Turns out, absent a terrible loss against Robert Morris on December 29th, we were both right.

One last thing, Stegeman was packed last night. With the students gone. If you haven't been to a game in a while, come out. It's fun to win.


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