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January 14, 2016

Missouri interacts with the NCAA: Hilarity does not ensue.

Missouri fans took me to task over this post. Now I see I was barking up the wrong tree:
The University of Missouri admitted NCAA violations in its men's basketball program dating to 2011 and banned itself Wednesday from the postseason this year and vacated all 23 wins from the 2013-14 season.
Hey, it's all fun and games until a booster takes it upon himself to help out some players.

I'm still shocked Frank Haith didn't get a show cause over the $10,000 he gave Nevin Shapiro at Miami, but hey, paying quiet money isn't quite the same as signing some footballs for $400. Gotta have standards, or Lord knows what those unethical student-athletes the NCAA are protecting from themselves will get into.

For the current unethical student-athletes, they find themselves not playing for anything but pride, which considering how Missouri basketball has looked this season, that is about all they were playing for anyway. The immediate impact is that the Tigers aren't likely to play in the SEC tourney, meaning they'll re-order the brackets in some way to accommodate 13 teams.


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