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March 21, 2016

SEC getting serious about men's hoops

Now, I can see the upside, but if the problem is on a conference level, I'd be interested to know what Tranghese plans to do about this:
Until the individual school's fans decide it is worth it, really worth it, that won't change. Coaching has gotten better with the addition of Barnes and Howland, but the biggest issue with SEC hoops is that outside of Florida, and maybe Texas A&M, no one fan base really thinks they can challenge Kentucky for SEC supremacy.

In effect, we are all playing for second place, mentally and emotionally. Maybe most importantly, the fans of SEC programs are ok with this.

Contrast that with football, where every program, save Vandy, thinks they could conceivably challenge Alabama.

I'll consider it a success if Tranghese can improve officiating and convince programs that there is money to be made by being better at basketball, especially if you can get 5+ teams into the NCAA tournament. Georgia is a team that will greatly benefit from an improved SEC. We've just posted our third 20 win season in a row, just the second time in school history. Mark Fox moved to third in wins behind Hugh Durham and Herman Stegeman. Outside of teams that can run athlete to athlete with Kentucky, Georgia gave Kentucky one of their toughest game of the season in the SEC tourney.


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