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April 4, 2016

Tech's coaching search drags on

For those of you that are interested (or are interested in being able to objectively look at a fan base with inflated sense of place in the firmament), it is looking like Tech's run at Valparaiso's Bryce Drew is not going well.

By all accounts, that would be a home run hire for Tech. Drew, brother of Baylor's Scott Drew, has taken Valpo to two NCAA tourneys and two NIT berths, including this year's NIT runner up, in five season. He's also in play at Vandy, which I believe has more money and is geographically closer to Drew's natural recruiting area of Indiana/Chicago. Drew is a young coach, great teacher, and solid in game coach. He can also recruit a little.

However, it looks like Drew might actually wait for something better than an ACC bottom feeder or SEC middle of the road program.

I've thought Tech would end up with a low major HC or a recently fired HC. I mentioned Travis Ford, who was fired from Oklahoma and ended up with a very good gig at St. Louis, who plays in the A-10. Tech suffers from recent failures, a very tough conference, and the inability to convince local talent to stay home.

I still think this ends up with Ron Hunter from Georgia State moving six blocks to Tech.



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