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May 10, 2016

WSLS Ep 042: Spring Wrap, Braves, and the EPL

We're back!

Welcome to Episode 042 of the WSLS Podcast. Co-hosts: Will Leitch, Tony Waller and Scott Duvall.
May is typically the offseason for talking college football, but the three of us wanted to get together to provide a recap of sorts for the UGA Spring Game where there were 93k indeed in attendance.
Also, in this show, Will our resident MLB expert helps to explain the method to the Atlanta Braves madness and why they are so terrible this year and maybe a few more to come. It has to do with the Cubs and how they have built up their team.
Towards the end, Will and Tony decide to jump into English Premiere League soccer, if you're into that kind of thing.
Will references an article you should read about how the Braves do business, more specifically how they treat their farm teams.
To see the G-Day Game Video Scott was referencing, check it here:
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