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June 24, 2016

Georgia is "kind of far out there in Athens"

Very cool read from Kevin Ware, former Louisville and Georgia State basketball player, on his decision to transfer to Georgia State from Louisville. Most interesting to me, the Georgia basketball fan:
Going home to the Atlanta area, I didn’t have a lot of choices. Georgia Tech wasn’t an option because Louisville had just moved to the ACC, and I’d have had to sit out a year if I transferred within the conference. Georgia was an option, but it was kind of far out there in Athens, and I wanted to be closer to my mom. I even entertained the idea of going to Auburn because of coach Bruce Pearl.
Georgia is "kind of far out there," while Auburn isn't. He was committed to Tennessee under Pearl, so they had that prior connection over telephone calls and cook outs at Pearl's house, but still. Georgia is kind of far out there.

And keep in mind, Ware is from Conyers. It is only 16 miles further to Stegeman from Conyers than it is from GSU Sports arena to Conyers.

Georgia is kind of out there in Athens.

Fix that attitude within ATL AAU culture, and you are on to something.


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