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July 12, 2016

Waiting Since Last Saturday Podcast Update

We are so ready to get going on season two. Between Will's day jobs covering baseball and politics and Scott's burgeoning filming schedule, July was a wash.

Now with media days at hand, we're already mapping out what this season's WSLS Podcast will be. As much fun as going to SEC Media days may (or may not) be, we're not there. Because Will is in San Diego with his 'real job' and Scott is in New York with his 'real job.'

But North Carolina is looming and tickets are about to be sent out and Bulldog Seatbacks won't stop emailing me and Mark Richt has lost control of Pokemon and we don't have a quarterback/running back/wide receiver and the national media has Tennessee in the playoffs.

Trust me, we all want it to be football season. We've been waiting for way too many Saturdays.


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