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August 16, 2016

Ugly is ugly

You want a take down of UF from a UF guy? I'll leave this here.

And this is why he's worked up, as all of us should be:
It's no secret that I went to Florida. It's also no secret that I was once a walk-on tackling dummy for Florida's football team. Perhaps because of a little experience inside a major college football program and a lot of experience covering major college football programs, I've never been a "not at my school" person. Large state universities are multi-billion dollar operations with thousands of students and thousands of employees. They're all bound to get caught up in something unsavory. Every Florida graduate who turned up a nose at the way Florida State handled Jameis Winston's case should understand that after last week.
Your school probably isn't any better than any other school when it comes to handling these matters. My alma mater proved once again last week that it certainly isn't.


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