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August 2, 2016

Well, now I'm depressed

Athlon published their annual anon chat with various SEC coaches about other teams. The UGA comments had a theme:


Seriously, though...
“They’re happy with their top two running backs, but I think they’re really worried about the depth offensively and the number of playmakers they inherited. It’s not like what it was in the past at Georgia."
“They’re pretty solid at the No. 1s, but when you dig down the depth chart they don’t have the No. 2s or 3s like Kirby Smart and those guys are used to having at Alabama. The recruiting kind of fell off the last few years under Mark Richt.”
“On defense, Kirby isn’t walking into the same kind of talent he worked with at Alabama. Just one example: They don’t have a linebacker corps; I mean, they just simply don’t have any good linebackers. They’re player deficient right now."
I wonder if any of those coaches are named Jeremy?

In all seriousness, that perception seems prevalent, though. It isn't as interesting read as normal, but still a good look past coach speak.


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