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September 28, 2016

On Les Miles

I'm not sure if we'll get to it on this week's podcast, but a couple of people have asked me about Les Miles' firing and what that means.

A couple of thoughts:

  • The offense had to be better if you are going to go to bat for your coordinator. I think that played into the firing of Richt, personally. Not that he was given the opportunity to change coordinators, but that no one in the decision chain thought he'd do so.
  • Having said that, 2016 LSU is not that different than 2015 LSU, but those losses came earlier in the year. And to perceived weaker opponents. We'll see about Auburn, but Wisconsin certainly is looking like a contender right now.
  • LSU should look to buy up, but I'd think you can't come up with enough money to get Meyer away from tOSU. I can't see why they'd hire Saban, or why he'd go there. Herman's not moving until at least December. So what does that leave you to do?
  • The biggest danger is Coach O looks great and the team goes on a run to win the SEC. Then what?
All of that is to say, if Les had such a fine line to walk, why keep him in the first place? To win the media battle in the off season (which you can only claim was a stalemate, at best)? 


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