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October 30, 2016

Nesnesitelná lehkost bytí

You know, it's funny that I had that revelation while in DC watching the game Saturday. Sometimes you have to get away from the echo chamber that is Athens and it metaphorical surrounds to really hear things. What I found is that, it is still fun being a Georgia fan, regardless of outcomes. Regardless of wins. Regardless of all of the stuff that goes with being a fan of a Top Tier Program.

What I heard and saw Saturday: Georgia fans reveling in being Georgia fans. Nothing fancy. Just brothers and sisters in a shared cause gathering to see the Red and Black play. The unbridled joy of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

I get the feeling of apathy. I really do. I get the lack of care. I get the need to yell, rant, make accusations, to demand accountability. I get the lack of energy to care about doing that any more. I do.

The thing is this: there is nothing about my doing any of those things that will change the outcome of anything other than how my day will go. I don't have apathy.

Georgia football has brought me through a lot. Part of my time in DC in the 90's was the worst time in my life. A bad divorce. A tough career change.

And probably the one thing that got me through it all was being a Georgia fan. It was my identity when the other things in my life that gave me identity, my marriage and my job, were not going very well. The Red and Black. Goff's last two years and Donnan's first two. Georgia was 17-16-1 those four years.

So forgive me if I am being chill and rational. I hate looking lost on offense. I hate getting whipped on the line of scrimmage. I hate the dumb penalties. I hate the ever rotating free form fail of special teams. I hate it, but there are worse things that missing a bowl game or looking like wet dog crap on offense. There just is.

Be apathetic. That's your right. As for me, I'm going to Lexington. I'm going to be in Sanford for the last three. Unless my wife tells me other wise and we get to at least 6-6, I'll be in Memphis or Birmingham or Shreveport. I'll yell my head off. I'm sure there'll be other dark moments, but I am sure they won't match what I faced in the 90's.

And maybe, just maybe, we can ruin Auburn or Tech's season.

One day, we'll be back to where we were in the 00's. It might be two years. It might be 20. But I'll by God give a damn about Georgia and be a Georgia fan then and every moment in between.

Go Dawgs.


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