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November 13, 2016

And now a word from the realist in me

First, stay with me. This is the game I've been waiting to see under Kirby Smart. The game where it appears the team is bought in. The game where it appears the coaches are coaching to win, instead of to make a point.

All against a good team. Auburn came in top 5 in the nation in rushing offense and top 20 in defense. They've routinely averaged 4.5 to 9 yards a play, except for one game: The season opening 19-13 loss to Clemson, where they averaged 3.69 ypp.

Georgia held Auburn to 3.04 ypp.

Second, understand where I am coming from. This season is no different than last, save knocking down a pass against Tennessee and stopping a screen play on 3rd and 12 against Vandy. But...we did win against a better Auburn team. For my money, we lose to this Auburn team last year.

So that is were we stand. I'm not ready to proclaim all is well. I am ready to proclaim that we may look back on this game in a couple of years and say this is the start of something awesome. Keep playing solid team ball, bring passion to each play, coach soundly and with confidence in taking what is given. That is the mantra for the rest of the season. That should be enough to win out.

For now, we are a good and improving football team.



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