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November 17, 2016

Jimmy Sexton would like a few words

I get what Bud Elliot is saying here, but I don't buy the premise:
Some schools should leverage the buyer’s market.
If you’re an AD who has a coach likely to enter 2017 on the hot seat, consider making the move this season.
Schools willing to pull the trigger now have all the leverage. Coaching stars burn hot, but fast. Great success at a mid-major job can be fleeting. Many coaches in this cycle cannot afford to be picky as they try to cash in their stock when it is hottest.
For a coach having success at a lesser school on the backs of a senior-laden roster, it’s time to go.
And for that reason, an average job could be filled in 2016 by a much stronger coach than might be available come 2017, when the market could again go crazy.
This ignores two realities
  1. There is more and more TV money to spend on finding new coaches...and to retain current coaches. Just because the coaching carousel is going slow now, we are just now getting into the time of the year where schools start making big moves, sometimes when it isn't clear that's how it'll go. See Georgia, circa late November 2016.
  2. Jimmy Sexton is still a thing. He currently reps several of the hottest prospects for HC jobs at the places that are open, or will likely to be open.
The AD that decides to get rid of a coach on the heels of a good, for the program, season is putting his/her job on the line if they get into a bidding war and have that hire not work out. Especially if they also have a big buyout of the guy that they are getting rid of.

Then there is the Jimmy Sexton factor. There is very little that can build a market like Jimmy Sexton's Coaching Rumor Hype Machine©. As long as Jimbo Fisher, Lane Kiffin, Tom Herman, PJ Fleck, and/or [insert random Saban coaching tree name] is in the market, the market isn't as nearly a buyers market as it seems.

Oh, and don't forget Mike McIntire. He's Colorado's coach and a Sexton client. Don't think for a second McIntire won't be tied to the LSU job or any other job in the Southeast when it all goes down.


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