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January 29, 2017

Emerson on Georgia's Basketball Program

Excellent read. Pay particular attention to the parts about fans and recruiting.


ED NOTE: After re-reading the article, there is one bone I have to pick, Jeff Goodman's assessment:
“To me, I think if you’re going to the tournament twice every four years at Georgia, that’s pretty good,” said Jeff Goodman, a national basketball writer for ESPN.
Look, I get that looking at past performance is a way to assess such a thing, but there is no way Goodman would say that about, say...Florida. Prior to Billy Donovan, Florida had been to three NCAA tourneys. All of those were in the late 80s, immediately before Lon Kruger's hiring, which kicked off the rise of Florida basketball as a national power more than an SEC schedule filler. I'll grant hiring Donovan was a game changer, as Florida made 14 NCAA tourney in 19 years (and won it twice), putting them in the National Power category. However,the availability of talent, facilities, and overall funding available within the athletic department at Georgia is at least equal to Florida. It remains my view that Georgia can and should be going to the NCAA tournament more than half the time.


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