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October 26, 2017

Heading to Jacksonville

I've spent a lot of time thinking about the 2017 football season as a series of tests. They've been tests of my willingness to let go of so many letdowns, let downs that I saw clearly coming but wouldn't let myself believe they would happen. They've been tests of Kirby Smart, head football coach.

To date, Kirby is the only one passing his tests. 

I still have this overpowering sense of dread about the game Saturday. That is a product of so many years of going to Jacksonville with clear talent (and sometimes coaching) advantages, as well as having had a better season, ect.  Basically all the tropes that end with a pile of 'what ifs' during a long quiet drive back to Athens.

Here's the one thing that is different: I'm not so worried about losing the football game, though I do have a nagging worry about that before every game, I'm worried that we are not going to look like the elite team we've seen all but about two quarters out of 28 this season.  I mean it when I say I'll take a one point victory. Just win and move on, baby.

The thing is, we are an elite team that should do to Florida what we did to Vandy, Mississippi State and Tennessee. Any loophole allowing the Gators a path to victory looks closed. The one thing they do competently on offense is run the ball. The one thing they aren't good at is going deep. They have struggled against RPO and perimeter runs. Our special teams are truly special, while theirs is not good. It even feels like we have the defense to over come a rash of bad decisions that result in turnovers.

And if we do to Florida what we've been doing to other SEC teams so far this season? I'll become a believer. I promise.



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