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December 9, 2017

Rose Bowl Tickets and Pricing

Now that UGA has released their tickets and the Rose Bowl has given scalpers/Ticketmaster another chance to power grab all the released and sold a few remaining tickets, the secondary market is your friend.  The get in price has remained pretty constant at about $250. On a ~$175 face value ticket, that isn't terrible. 

As you can see, Georgia will sit facing the press box, which is on the East side of the Rose Bowl. Bring your sunglasses as we'll have the sun in our face. 

Funny thing about the Rose Bowl, end zone seats are lettered backwards from K-A (K basically at field level), then from 1-77 going up. It appears the seat back sections on the side lines start at row 1-7 depending on the section. From everything I've heard, the better seats are above the lettered rows, and if you are behind the benches, up around row 25-45. The ring walkway around the stadium is around row 30. I've also heard the end zone lettered seats are great, at least while the teams are playing towards your end zone.

I still think there are going to be a lot of Dawg fans in Pasadena, but given the lower allotment to the schools (13K each), as well as the sales to the locals and scalpers Web 3.0 entrepreneurs, hold backs for corporate groups, and the pre-announcement sales, getting a ticket isn't a given unless you are willing to show up with cash and hope or go ahead and bite the bullet through aftermarket.


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