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December 5, 2017

Tournament of Roses Parade

While it isn't my cup of tea, I'm told that part of the full experience of the Rose Bowl is the Tournament of Roses Parade, which starts at 8am Pacific on January 1st. With the Rose Bowl kickoff slated for 2pm Pacific, it feels like it would cut into tailgating time. Like I said, not my cup of tea.

Still, if you decide to go, here is the route map from the Tournament of Roses website:

It is also important to note that LA is a driving city. Be sure to note the road closures and whatnot in your planning to get to the game on the 1st.

Check out that website. Apparently, you are allowed to volunteer to decorate the floats and can view them being made, as well as view them post game and on the 2nd at Victory Park in Pasadena.



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