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January 9, 2018

I Ain't Even Mad

My initial response when I got home last night was to just post kittens and rainbows and move on with my life.  Maybe that will be the response I eventually get to, but riding home last night, I realized that as gut wrenching as last night was, there is a very important take away for Georgia fans:  We belonged on that stage and it took the greatest coach in the history of the game to beat our young team and young coach.

This is a beginning.  Give Nick Saban and Alabama credit, they belonged on the field with Georgia.  Yes, I mean it exactly that way.  Alabama is a deeper team, with more experience.  Until tonight last night, they didn't show they could change their game plan to win a game. Until last night.

One thing I kept tossing over in my head is the perfect feeling I had after the missed FG at the end of regulation.  That is was our time; The Dream Season was real. 

Alas, it wasn't.  Georgia beat Alabama at their game. Alabama had to play a different game to win. They did.

We have many months to diagnose why Georgia loss in over time in the national championship game to the team in the midst of the greatest run in the history of college football, but for today, and maybe for the rest of my life, we'll always have the 2017 Georgia football team.

This season was a proof of concept for Kirby Smart. It is the beginning. I believe we'll look back in a few years and realize that the game we witnessed last night was prologue to something greater, not an epilogue to a great season.


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