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January 2, 2018

Rose Bowl Champions

There is a lot...I mean a lot...of stuff too talk about, but I woke up early in Pasadena with two things running through my head:

  1. Man, it still gets me some kind of way when Georgia out coaches a well coached opponent, especially with in game adjustments.  Yes, there are some first year coach things Lincoln Riley did (hello, kicking the FG instead of going for it), but he had no answer or recognition that Georgia had changed their pass fits and was essentially daring Mayfield to beat them going over the top.
  2. Georgia travels. I had a sense what the crowd was like based on people around town and tailgating, but it was closer to 70-30 than 60-40. Give OU fans credit, they were plenty loud, but it was a Georgia partisan crowd.
  3. I've seen folks on fire about Fromm being asked to throw the ball 29 times. I could quibble about when he was asked to throw, but for the most part, I thought the offensive game plan was good.  OU was giving Georgia the pass on early downs, so why not take it?
  4. Watching Baker Mayfield is fun. He's going to be a good pro QB, but he's also going to get his bell rung a lot.  He's a talker, which is fine when you are winning. I know you probably saw or read about Bellamy's advice to him. Don't take that out of context.  If you run your mouth for 75+ plays and lose, you are going to get that kind of advice from the players you have been jawboning with.
One other thing, that QB keeper is still going to be there when we need it. 

On to Atlanta.

Go Dawgs!


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