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October 3, 2005

Last Week's Blog Poll Ballot: How they Faired (Week 5)

Last week, my blog poll ballot took quite a bit of abuse from those in the Georgia Tech and Boston College camps. The BC feedback was much more legit than the GT feedback, but that's neither here nor there.

Let's look at how the Top 25 faired.

Last Week's Ballot:
1 Southern Cal - come from behind win.

2 Texas - beat down Mizzou.

3 Virginia Tech - another win.

4 Florida - Bama looked like Sonny Corleone beating Carlo Rizzi with the trash can lid (See Photo).

5 Georgia - Huge win vs. Idle.

6 Ohio State - Clobbered Bye Week State

7 Tennessee - With every Orgeron loss we grow closer to America's first televised spontaneous combustion.

8 Miami (Florida) - Real men beat directional schools. Take that Louisville.

9 Louisiana State - Beat hapless Miss State.

10 Michigan State - Typical MSU. They simply can't handle prosperity.

11 Florida State - Syracuse got "he-bitch-man-slapped."

12 Alabama - My dad watched this in Athens, GA at a Sunday School party. He said "You would've thought we attended First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa by the way the people at the party were enjoying watching this game."

13 Texas Tech - Beat a crap Kansas team.

14 Auburn - I knew Auburn would win so seeing them dismantle SC by such a wide margin was the best possible outcome.

15 Arizona State - If they lose 3 or 4 more times, they could be the first team in history to lose their way into a Top 5 ranking.

16 Notre Dame - Two words: Im Pressive.

17 UCLA - weak win over Washington.

18 Wisconsin - win over Indiana.

19 Louisville - win over Drunken State.

20 Minnesota - JoePa met Glen Mason at half time and shouted "Hold my Pocket, Bridget!"

21 Purdue - these guys suck.

22 Cal - Still haven't beaten anyone.

23 Virginia - Finally, I get to stop ranking them.

24 Iowa State - Wasted their best shot at beating Nebraska in Lincoln in ages.

25 Penn State - George Jefferson was moving on up just like these guys.


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