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October 9, 2005

UT vs. UGA -- Non-Football Observations

The "Kenny Rogers Incident"
Kenny Rogers played halftime. That's right, long-time Athens resident Kenny Rogers played halftime for the Vols while they spelled his name on the field. It was a 3 song set, and likely the largest crowd that Kenny has played since his landmark concert at the Cherokee Indian Casino in 1997.

If we have any students with a sense of humor, he already has 200 For Sale signs in his front yard. In Kenny's defense, maybe he lost a bet to Dolly Parton over the 2004 game. He could've addressed that issue during the 2 songs he played with the volume THANKFULLY off on his mic.

The only bigger slap in the face would've been if Michael Stipe had been standing on the field singing Orange Crush.

Ironically many of the UT fans in attendance took his advice with 6 minutes left. "You Gotta know when to Fold 'em". They hit stadium exits running wide open.

For more on Kenny's visit to Neyland visit Six Meat Buffet.

Knoxville Police Stop Flag Waving
After the 2004 game, Jason Allen ran the UT flag around Sanford Stadium before planting it in the G at midfield. It's very common for the road team to march their flag around the other team's endzone after a road win. Apparently, the Knoxville Police force -- who is growing accustomed to dealing with home losses -- now PREVENTS visiting team cheerleaders and players from flying the large flags after the game. The cops refused to let our cheerleaders bring the flags out.

If that weren't ridiculous enough, the Knoxville Police Department then went to the Redcoat Band Director and refused to let the band play more than 2 songs after the game. So the band sang "Glory, Glory" and "What's that Coming Down the Tracks." Then the Cops forced them to stop singing. The cops were literally standing on the band director's platform next to the drum major's platform. I almost expected them to start shooting if anyone started humming.

This was all within the first 10 minutes after the game. Normally, you get a good half hour of post-game gloating before the cops turn off the lights or throw you out. Sore damn losers.

Speaking Of Leaving Early:
Even the UT player parents starting bolting when Fulmer didn't go for it on 4th and 10 with 6:30 left in the game down by 13 points. When the players' families don't stick around, you know it's bad.

BTW -- some classic lines are already building on the comments for this article. If you got this page from the front of the site, click on the comments for more.

Image from Six Meat Buffet.


Ludakit said...

For this old Redcoat, that brings back memories of the Sugar Bowl in 2003. We just opened a can on FSU and even though we had the worst seats ever, we were only allowed 3 songs.

Needless to say "Glory Glory Dixieland" was sung in its entirety to anyone with a solid pair of ears. Afterwards, we received a nice ovation from the obviously tone-def crowd.

In other news: UT sucks.

Kyle King said...

In defense of the Knoxville Police Department's refusal to allow the Redcoats to play more than two songs, these are police officers from Knoxville, Tenn.

They're used to college bands that only know one song, so, to them, two songs probably seemed like plenty.

The notion that the Redcoat Band had more tunes in its repertoire probably never even occurred to them.

Try to imagine a C.D. featuring the Tennessee band's greatest hits. Track 1: "Rocky Top." Track 2: "Rocky Top (Remix)." Track 3: "Rocky Top (Reggae)." Track 4: "Rocky Top (Ska)." Track 5: "Rocky Top (Hip Hop)." Track 6: "Rocky Top (Extended Play Disco Version)." The mind reels.

Voluminous said...

Hats off to UGA. You have a good team and hope you win the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to see all of these Philbillies fans come on all of the uga fan boards and talk trash before the game...

then after we spank that ass...

they change that tune up real quick...

Anonymous said...

At least they didn't have hoses. (I wouldn't be surprised if you told me, however, that a few "too happy" Dawgs got chucked into the river after the game.

Anonymous said...

from an lsu tiger fan, congrats on beating the thugs. i hope we can see you all in atlanta.

Voluminous said...

Anonymous.... please feel free to point out where I talked smack prior to the game

Jeff said...

Kyle, I got a few more of my own too:

Track 7: "Rocky Top (George Bush doesn't care about)" [feat. Kanye West]
Track 8: "Rocky Top" [Thrash Mix by Sk8rVol]
Track 9: "Rocky Top? I thought it was Rocky Road [feat. Phil Fulmer]"
Track 10: "Rocky Dizzle to the T-O-Dizzle-Top" Snoop Dog and VolDizzle FoShizzle Band

abacadae said...

I know the SEC implemented some sort of policy regarding how many songs the bands are allowed to play after road games a couple of years ago. As a result Auburn now plays War Eagle and then a medley which includes about five songs and lasts about ten minutes.

Of course I've never seen cops enforce this rule. I want to say that the SEC had some sort of built in penalty for playing more than two or three songs.

By some awful twist of fate I sat behind the UT band at the SECCG game last year and y'all forgot to mention Rocky Top; The Silent Version. You know when you're killing the Vols and you thank god every second that you're not hearing Rocky Top.

Brett said...

For the record, there is a selectively enforced conference policy that limits the visiting band to two selections after the game. To stop them from singing? Yes, that's poor sportsmanship.

VOLPIMP said...

That's pretty lame of the cops, for whatever reason. Like Voluminous, I give you guys props, you came to play. I've never posted here so anonymous can't bust my chops for being a good sport. Pope, Shockley and the other Dawgs showed alot of character when Allen was injured, said alot for your program. Congrats on a big win.

Anonymous said...

That's okay. There won't be jack the Knoxville police can do when they come to Tuscaloosa. We'll sing one for the Dawgs and hope to see you in Atlanta.

Ryan said...

the Vols planted their flag on the eye of the tiger in Tiger Stadium after the game was over. I don't necessarily like the practice but if they do it to someone, then they deserve to have it done to them.

Worrier said...

Keeping the victor from flag planting and band playing seems silly - probably a response to the frequency this seems to be happening in our home stadium these past few years.

Re: Randy Sanders career, Kenny Rogers seems appropo - "You Gotta Know When to Fold 'em." If that For Sale sign goes unused I have a suggestion.

Why was UGA in a kennel? I thought he usually hung out with the cheerleaders or slept on a bag of ice?

To Anonymous: Smack? It's called fun and in private e-mails we've demonstrated such. The public smack is for entertainment.

Finally, to the LSU fan - don't you feel proud!?? Your team allowed this inept, 98th ranked offense score 30 points in Baton Rouge!!! If that's our fondest memory of the year, I think I can live with that.

Unknown said...

he wasn't in the kennel all game. CBS was showing the pre-game clip of him in the kennel over and over during commercial breaks.

Although, he must be having some health problems to have missed the MSU game.

flikdiva said...

I will say that the Vol fans have been very complimentary of the Dawgs since the win and during the game. The only problems we ever ran into or heard of were from the security and police officers in Neyland and Knoxville.

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