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November 2, 2005

Jerome's List: " If you could have a beer with any Football Coach"

Earlier, I asked...If you could have a beer with any Football Coach. Later I'll post links to all the responses that have been emailed to me from other bloggers. In the meantime, JeromeFromDecatur replied:

I'd most enjoy a beer with:
Danny Ford
Similar to Barry Switzer, you'd hear stories that would amaze, offend, and question your basic human belief in right and wrong.

I'd most enjoy Jack on the Rocks with:
Johnny Majors
Like another said of Erk Russell...Majors is good at this; and people like to do things they're good at it. It'd be interesting to hear how many insults about Fulmer he could work into a single glass.

I'd do a keg stand with:
Bum Phillips
I know we're supposed to be limited to college coaches...but can you imagine Bum taking off his hat and asking you, "Hold this," as he's hoisted into the air.

(Photo: "You had best not have light beer there fella.")

I'd like to take a shot of Jager and then punch him in the face for being a jerk:
Gary Barnett
Head Coach Colorado


Anonymous said...

Danny Ford is a good one. However, he probably only drinks liquor he made himself and ran through a car radiator. Regardless, you'd always have the tobacco stains to prove to your friends it really happened. A warning: if you're in a drinking contest with Danny and he shows up in orange pants, you're probably going to lose and you're probably going to wake up bound inside a bale of hay.

Anonymous said...

Frank Beamer. Just so I could ask him what the hell is on his neck. Better?

Anonymous said...

Bill Callahan would be my choice of a college coach to drink with because i'd let him get drunk then kick his ass. He is so arrogant, yet not a good enough of a coach to be

Anonymous said...

Beamer suffered from a burn as a child. I would imagine it would be a short drink.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't choose just one, so it would be both Jackie Sherrill and Howard Schnellenberger (I can't believe this guy's still alive, much less coaching). They wouldn't drink beer, however, and would question the manhood of anyone who tried to get Coke near their glasses of Early Times straight. They'd tell stories of how they always found coaches like Mike Archer and Ken Hatfield "a little light in the loafers." Later that evening they'd call up Bob Stoops from a pay phone, no cell, and try to convince him to go snipe hunting with them.

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