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December 17, 2005

Around the News and Blogosphere: Weekend Edition

With no particular order or method to the madness, let's start with the news.

-- Let's start in West Virginia where the Charleston Gazette has an interesting article about WVU linebacker Kevin "Boo" Lee Jr. Lee's father played for the Dawgs on the 1976 Sugar Bowl team that won the SEC, beat defending national champ Bama and got clobbered by Pitt in the National Title game. Per the article:
Kevin McLee still ranks as the fifth most productive rusher in Georgia football history with 2,581 yards.
Boo's dad will be pulling for him to do well, but he will still be wearing his UGA hat. Good times.

-- Shifting to North Carolina, there's a nice feel good piece on Bulldog wideout Kenneth Harris in the Charlotte Observer.

-- And *of course* there's this uber ridiculous goodness from the AJC. Here comes Matt Stafford -- the most anticipated QB recruit at UGA since Zeier.

-- Lastly, on the news front is the Game Notes from on tonight's game between Oregon State and Georgia in basketball. Tipoff is set for 5:30 pm ET on Fox Sports Net. If the Dawgs win this one, they move to 8-1, which equals their entire win total from last year. It also would be the longest win streak since Tubby Smith's last year in Athens.

Around the Blogosphere:
-- I'm A Realist discusses Mike Vick vs. Reggie Bush

-- Doug at Hey, Jenny Slater has a very different take than mine on the Peach Bowl's new name. My point is "Who Cares, I love Chicken more than Peaches." His is more tradition oriented. Kyle on Football agrees with Doug.

-- How 'Bout This Blawg proposes nicknames for recruits.

-- StateFansNation discusses the new ACC Bowl Selection process which is hopefully designed to keep screwing Tech and not hose Boston College quite so badly.

That's all for today.



Barron said...

Hey Paul! I want to let you know that you have one of the best blogs I've found yet. It was inspiration for starting my blog

Maybe you an check it out and let me know what you think.

Worrier said...

I like the fact you used a pic from the Vols bball team and our point guard Watson. Note while the Dawgs may be 8-1, the Vols (MUCH TO ALL FANS) are 6-0 having just kicked the living s--t out of the #6 ranked little longhorns in Austin 95-78.

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