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January 6, 2006

Anti-Orange Page Picks up Georgia Sports Blog RSS Feed

The Anti-Orange Page, one of the oldest and best Dawg sites on the web, picked up my RSS Feed on their front page today. The Anti-Orange Page is where ToonDawg publishes her Dawg cartoons, hosts Georgia bulldog multi-media files, Lewis Grizzard articles, etc.

Scroll down her front page page and on the left side below the "Get Firefox" icon, you'll see the "GA Sports Blog" link.

What is RSS and why should you care? Basically, it's short for Real Simple Syndication (RSS). It's a relatively new and easy way to distribute content via the Internet. (and most blogging sites) give the publisher an XML feed that allows other sites to read / publish headlines.

This same technology allows you to add my site to your MyYahoo. You can access my RSS Site Feed here, but without an RSS reader like Bloglines or Newsgator it will look like gibberish.


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