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January 6, 2006

Georgia Sports Blog to have its own Joan Rivers

No, we're not going to start covering red carpet fashion faux paux. However, we are adding what amounts to a Guest Host.

I'm in and out of the office on business for most of the next week. While I'm out a good friend of mine is going to post on the site to keep things fresh around here. He'll be serving as Joan Rivers to my Johnny Carson. Charles Grodin to my David Letterman. Tim Conway to my Flip Wilson.

He'll be posting as Dawgnoxious. Which fits.

Enjoy. I'll post when I can.

Paul Westerdawg


Anonymous said...

Here's my crack at it. Look on page 40 of the basketball program for the team picture.Sundiata, our MVP, we love you, but beige pants with a black jacket just won't do. Kevin you look swell, with a little less gel.Levi, sit up straight, put your hands on your knees, and lose the blue shoes please. P.J. nice socks and locks. Jay, you're looking ok. Mike, you look so mad, and black on black is too bad. Let's not forget the staff. JT, you'll never be thin, but suck that tummy in. Coach Dennis Felton you look great in red and black, now wear it at a game and I'll cut you some slack. You can't miss Coach Herm,he's the coach in gray. Now Coach Jones,you're standing very tall, making Cameron look small.Steve, you'll never blend in, we will just call you Big Red. Younes, you need a new tie, and that's no lie. Kendrick, wearing white after Labor Day, no way. Sam, sweet like jam. Rashaad, super look and very proper. My man, Dave, take this look to the grave. Terrance, looking fine, let's dance. Channing, you're dressed the best, Black suit, white shirt, red tie, you pass the test. But no, you're outdone by Bryon a manager with an original, black suit, aqua blue
shirt and tie, the true winner.

Dawgnoxious said...


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