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February 21, 2006


This Public Service Announcement brought to you
by the Georgia Sports Blog.

About 6 years ago, I was arrested for driving with a suspended license. The suspended license charge stemmed from an unpaid ticket. I forgot about the ticket, and then I moved to a new apartment. In the process, the State of Georgia mailed me a notice of intent to suspend my my old mailing address.

Exactly 23 hours after my license was suspended, I was pulled over for an illegal U-Turn. The officer uttered the infamous six words that all people fear, "Please step out of the vehicle." I was in my early 30s when that happened. A successful, well paid guy was arrested for what amounts to being a dipshit.

I say all of that to say the following:
1. I feel your pain Marquis Elmore, Greg Blue, Darrius Swain, Reggie Brown, etc. I know what it's like to be locked in the cage. It hardens a man.

2. It can happen to anyone. Rich, poor, smart, wealthy, famous, UGA athlete, nerd, whatever. But that doesn't make you any less of a dipshit for letting it happen to you. It is 1,000% your fault, and it will make news.

3. Guys, please, please, please for the love of all that is decent and holy. Get your damn paperwork sorted out. It took me 3 full working days and almost $1,000 to get my act together after I got pinched. If I had just paid the ticket to start with, it would've cost me $60. Tops.

4. You will get busted. If you were dumb enough to get the first citation, you're dumb enough to get another one. Just get it done. I speak from experience. Just deal with it now.

By the time all is said and done, we invest over $100,000 per football player per year in the coaching, training, feeding, educating and housing of our athletes. As much as it would apparently make sense to have someone on staff who works as a DMV Liaison for the football team, I'm positive that the state government, University administration and the Athletic Department will never go for it. Just go get the fine paid or you will get arrested. And the whole world will call you a dipshit.

Anyway, here are some links of interest to the football players who lurk here:You're going to get busted. Please. Please. Get your damn paperwork fixed.


Paul Westerdawg

(Note: I was only in there for 2 hours and I guarded my corn hole with my life from the 300 lb sweaty mexican dude in the corner who was mostly asleep, but you get the idea)

Marquis are now a dipshit.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too was in the "lock up". Mine was for being a dipshit also. I wrote a 6$ check from the wrong check book (I had canceled the checks because I thought I had lost them). An offcier cuffed me processed me and put me in a 1 person cell for the night. I simply called a buddy who showed up after he sobered up in the wee hours, paid the fine and was on my way. While I was in the cell I just relaxed. One of the officers asked me had I ever been locked up before since I was so relaxed. I said sort of...I told him I had been through SF S.E.R.E school and it was nice not to sit on a bucket in a room barely big enough to fit you! Yes I was a dipshit.

Nathan said...

Lets just say with my driving history I'm in no place to make fun of this one ...

You got throw in the pokey for a suspended license though? Damn, that's harsh.

Unknown said...

Exactly Nathan. That's been my reaction to my own arrest and for the arrest of each of these football players. You mean, they got locked up for THAT?

That's it?

That's not thug behavior. It's just being a dipshit.

The Gator players who were shooting at another dorm. That's dangerous. The UGA players with the DUIs. That's dangerous. Reuben Houston's stuff...that's bad.

But this is just paperwork / dipshit stuff.

Unknown said...

Anon - if you went through SERE school, then you could've probably busted out of jail with your bare hands.

So you had nothing to worry about anyway. You were the guy the other inmates were worried about. lol.

Dan said...

I talked my way out of spending some time in the Macon pokey for driving on a suspended license. I honestly didn't know it was suspended yet, but I ended up losing it for close to 18 months. Just for two speeding tickets.

I was one of the first victims of the then new under 21 laws with regards to reckless driving. Good times.

Nathan said...

My younger brother got nailed for driving past curfew (North Carolina has a Cinderella Law for under 18 licenses), speeding 25mph over, reckless driving and organized racing ... and still didn't end up in the pen.

Getting pinched for a suspended license is pretty bush league. Lord knows I'm the first one to make fun of UGa football players, but this is pretty freaking minor and is something probably half of all college kids end up doing.

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