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February 21, 2006

In Defense of Dennis Felton

My patience with Dennis Felton's growth of the Georgia Basketball program took a big hit two weeks ago when Felton loudly complained about fan support surrounding the program. I had been much more willing to wait him out before his complaints.

You could sum up my thoughts by saying that I felt (and still feel) that Coach Felton should spend less time complaining about fans and more time finding a way to score points on a consistent basis and get us out of 11th place in scoring defense.

Groo from DawgsOnline/ has an article defending Coach Felton. He makes a reasonable point which is that Coach Felton is hired to be passionate. We want and need him to be frustrated that fans are not out in mass supporting the program. If he felt any other way, we hired the wrong guy.

Fair point.

However, Groo appears to agree with me that the best thing Felton can do to grow the program is get this team into the Post-Season. Any post-season. That will do more to grow the program than vocalizing his frustration with our support.

Check out Groo's comments. They make for a fair and balanced read. -- pwd

Note: In fairness to Felton, he is making an attempt to improve his fan relations. Before the disastrous home game versus Vandy, Felton went into the student section to shake hands and thank them for coming out. Nice move.

We all want what he wants. More net cutting. Less Rodeos. We just don't all agree on how to get there.


Anonymous said...

Felton has always been fan/student friendly. He has written to the Red and Black several times, he greets the students on Dennis Felton Appreciation Day (which is tomorrow), and he even showed up to my Peer Advising class when I was a freshman and he talked to us. The problem isn't with Felton warming up to UGA and Athens, the problem is with the UGA Alumni and fair-weather fans warming up to Felton and UGA Basketball. I still give him a maximum of 3 years here, he'll go off to a program that will appreciate him more and that program will kick our asses when we play them.

Anonymous said...

i agree. I believe that as a georgia fan you must be realistic and realize that this is not an easy place to win. Does this merit the dawgs being in the cellar of the SEC east? I don't know? You make the call. All i have to say is that Georgia is just now coming out of a very difficult time in this program's history. (Jim Harrick Jr.) When you are playing teams such as Tennessee i.e. Chris Lofton and Florida (Taurean Green, Lee Humphrey, and Corey Brewer), and LSU I do belive there is some margin for error. As far as the post season goes, of course and NCAA bid would have been nice and helped the program along but i believe that any type of postseason will do now. I still agree with Steve that Coach Fetlton should be given AT LEAST 3 years before we begin passing judgment. For now though, Go Dawgs and beat the Cocks!!!

LamboDawg said...

Anyone who claims that Coach Felton does not appreciate Georgia Basketball fans is simply uninformed. I have been a student at Georgia and a member of the Dawgpound (a student group for basketball fans) for three years. During those three years, Coach Felton has enthusiastically greeted us before every single home game. He has even invited us to watch practices.

Once again, over the past three years, I have also been continually dissappointed in the fan turnout at Stegeman Coliseum. It is more than frustrating and annoying to consistantly have a large group of away team fans dominate the upper levels of the stadium.

In the post-Harrick era, Georgia needs an intense coach like Felton to turn things around. I find him to be a very honorable and knowledgeable man and I take confidence that he will do everything he in his power, on and off of the court, to build a formidable and respectable basketball program at the University of Georgia.

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