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February 16, 2006

Dawgs lose to UK

Dawgs lose to UK.

That was the worst UK team since maybe Pitino's first year when they were on probation. We catch them on a night when they are totally disinterested in playing basketball. And we put forth...I don't even know what to call that. What a cluster.

UK was so bored, that they were literally giving us freebie turnovers. It was sad. The score doesn't properly reflect what happened. Go to this link and scroll to the chart. You can mouse over the flat red lines to see how long we went without scoring.

I just don't understand how ANY team can consistently go 5-10 minutes without scoring any baskets night after night. We have better talent than THAT.

Tonight we went scoreless in the first half from the 15:20 mark until the 6:53 mark. Roughly 8.5 minutes. At that point, we hit a free throw. Then another 30 scoreless seconds.

In the second half we scored 3 points (a FG and 1 FT) from the 10:18 mark until the 3:22 mark. That's 7 more unwatchable minutes. We were also held scoreless for the last 90 seconds of the first half and the first 90 seconds of the second half.

That's a total of 19 game minutes scoring only 4 points. That's almost an entire half of absolutely unwatchable basketball.

This wasn't the 1998 Wildcats. This was the barely Tourney eligible Mildcats. This wasn't the man eating Rupp Arena. It was as quiet as it's ever been for most of the night. And this wasn't the normal refs that we get for a game like this. We actually shot more free throws than UK (when has that ever happened).

This wasn't as low a moment as Auburn, but it was bad.

For a shorter and more to the point review of the game try BoDontKnowHerschel's recap.

This isn't a team of McDonald's All-Americans. But they are more talented than THIS.

On the bright side, Humphrey looked really good.



Anonymous said...

I had to turn the game off and stop watching somewhere in the middle of the first half. I don't watch alot of college basketball, but everytime I've watched Georgia this year they've just looked bad. I know they are still a young team, but they just look ugly. They don't move well without the ball and they just look kind of lost. I know its only his second year and most his team is either sophomores or freshmen, but I'm losing faith in Felton.

Holla said...

I'm still with Felton, but it is actually his THIRD year at UGA.

Anonymous said...

As a former UK student, current UGA student, and son of a UK alum it was hard for me to watch that game. Both teams looked horrible as UK, who seemed like they were playing a pick up game, tried to hand UGA the game yet the Dawgs did not seem to want it.

I don't know about Felton yet, but so far his offensive philosophy looks like it consists of him telling the players to drive to the hoop, if they can't do that then pass the ball around the arch and put up a three.

None of the players, save Stukes and Gaines, seem to take many quality shots. I don't know what he's teaching them, but he needs to settle them down and let them know they don't have to press the ball one very drive down the court -- specifically when its a 1-3 in the other team's favor.

However I do give him the benifeit of the doubt considering we have shown improvement, he has recruited fairly well (that will set the program up good for the long term), and the only thing the team seems to be lacking is a decent big man and some maturity, which will come with time.

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