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February 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to Coach Richt (Feb. 18th)

In celebration of his 46th birthday, Coach Richt has continued on his tradition of focusing on others instead of himself. In that spirit, he published a Top 10 list to celebrate his birthday.

Top 10 Great Things About Being
Chan Gailey instead of Mark Richt
10. More frequent flyer points during banquet season. Yellow Jacket clubs in Newark, New Delhi & Kandahar rack up the miles!

9. More exotic bowl locations. New Orleans and Florida get boring after a while.

8. Instead of grueling hour-long coach's call-in show, program ends when calls stop

7. Scholarship limitations provide opportunity to learn players' names.

6. Has "hook up" on scholarship when he needs premium weed.

5. From past performance, each year it is almost too easy to meet and exceed expectations.

4. Reggie Ball Ok, who's kidding who.

3. Instead of late night calls from Don Leeburn, he only gets Carl Sagan impersonators

2. Office just blocks from the Cheetah III

1. No annoying Gatorade Baths!

Thanks to Kyle on Football for the heads up on the birthday!

By Dawgnoxious and Paul Westerdawg



Unknown said...

Four more great things from LowerEastSideDawg on ThePorch.

1) The chance to shake hands with literally every Tech fan.

2) The annual opportunity to win Coach of the Year by winning a mere 8 games.

3) The chance to build campus-wide popularity by inviting everyone to try out for the football team.

4) He looks so good in black and mustard horizontal stripes.

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