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February 26, 2006

More Thoughts on Tech's New AD

Good story about Dan Radakovich, GT's new Athletic Director, in the AJC. The article discusses his background and his rise up from a family of steel mill workers. Interestingly, the article makes no mention of Radakovich's secret weapon during the interview process.

The Georgia Sports Blog has learned that Radakovich closed the deal when he promised to arrange for Georgia Tech President Dr. Wayne Clough, to meet Harlan Ellison and Gary Gygax. Bill Curry only promised an autographed photo of Mike Golic.

[Curry should have upped the ante]

With the Ellison/Gygax offer on the table, Clough had Curry tossed from the interview process so fast you would've thought it was a reenactment of the The Defenestration of Prague of 1618.

Radakovich comes from LSU where winning in football at the highest levels is expected. He has seen multiple SEC titles and a National Title. Now he inherits Coach Gailey. A man who last won anything of significance at Troy State. A man who's entire career as a head coach is marred in mediocrity.

I predict their relationship will have the same staying power as Mandy Pepperidge and Greg Marmalard's trist. If Radakovich is Mandy for the purposes of this analogy, will Tech's next football coach be Eric "Otter" Stratton, an even shorter term fling or Sen. John Blutarsky, the magical relationship that results in marriage? Who knows.

If Radakovich is Mandy and Gailey is Greg, then I guess Tenuta is Niedermeyer

Regardless, I think Gailey's got 9 months to produce or he's gone. Maybe one of Gailey's two star recruits will turn into the next Joe Hamilton. Sort of a modern day Jay Berwanger-style one man wrecking crew capable of taking GT to a level above 7-5.

Maybe. But I doubt it.



Nathan said...

Gailey's only hope to keep his job was for Curry to be hired.

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