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February 26, 2006

New Georgia Bulldog Blog

When you perfect pandering at this level, you get linked. There's just no two ways about it.
"As far as Georgia athletics is concerned, any blogger who hasn't read Georgia Sports Blog or believes Paul Westerdawg's superb column anyway deficient is either an ignoramus or an ass. Consequently, new blogs in this particular field must defend their existence. We hope one day to be Paul's best friend in the whole world. For the moment we want to offer a view of all things Georgia that's substantially our own, whether this means unparalleled coverage of women's equestrian or an idiosyncratic, family brand of irreverence and farce."

I present you the Bastard Sons of Mark Richt. They are just getting started, and they look pretty off the wall. But with that as a mission statement, I had to link. I had to.

Note: their site is a little more edgy than mine.



Anonymous said...

Did this blog already dissapear into thin air?

Nathan said...

Did nuke them for having "bastard" in the title? It seems they have dissapeared!

Kyle King said...

Nathan and I had exactly the same thought when our respective attempts to link to them failed. That seems to be the only logical explanation for the suddenness of their disappearance.

That's unfortunate . . . especially since their use of the word "bastard" was proper rather than profane and no one could possibly have been deceived into believing the authors were making a sincere claim to being children Mark Richt fathered out of wedlock.

I'm a buttoned-down conservative traditionalist, but even I think that's overly squeamish.

Unknown said...

Man, that blows. If anyone knows those guys, they should email me.

The pic of Ian Smith on the crapper was ALL TIME classic.

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