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February 17, 2006

Third Down Analysis - Very Cool Tool

Brian Cook at MGoBlog has taken the raw data for all third down conversions in Div I-A Football from 2005 and he has: averaged them by distance (ie 3rd and 1 vs. 3rd and 10) for each team's offense and defense.

Basically, you select your team's name from the Drop Down Menu, then you select offense or defensive stats. Green is good. The team in question outperformed the national average in a positive manner. Red is bad.

Georgia Offense:
- We were in line with the national averages except for 3rd and 12 or longer. We outperformed the average there.

Georgia Defense:
- We did poorly on third and short.

Interestingly, check out Auburn's stats. They were absolutely incredible on 3rd down from almost any distance on offense or defense. Also, check out the defenses from Ohio State, Oklahoma, Miami and FSU. Very impressive.

Another jaw dropper is to see how poorly Texas A&M's offense and defense performed.



Unknown said...

oh....check out Spurrier's offense. awful stats.

Unknown said...

Much more detail from brian on these graphs. Particularly on Jeff Bowden's incompetence.

Anonymous said...

"Jeff Bowden's incompetence" ?

Since we are here, to discuss our Bulldog's Offense compared to let's say Bobby Bowden's Florida State Offense in the time since Coach Richt accepted this gig at Georgia December 20, 2000, one would suspect that the discussion would include the following :

(1) Florida State, with Coach Richt's "replacement" Jeff Bowden, has lost 21 games since Coach Richt accepted this gig at Georgia while Georgia in the same timeframe has lost but 13.
(2) Florida State has averaged a worse Recruiting Class Ranking based upon the 5 years' worth that make up, with Redshirts, these respective teams in the Average Rankings over the last 5 years of Recruiting Rankings by both and Rivals at # 17 average recruiting ranking for FSU to 5.8 average recruiting ranking for Georgia over the last 5 years worth available at both WebPages.
(3) Florida State has averaged a worse ranking in the Final AP Polls compared to Georgia in the same timeframe of since Coach Richt accepted this gig at Georgia of # 17 for FSU to # 9 for The Georgia BuLLdawgs.
(4) Both have Won 2 Conference Championships in the last 4 years, although in FSU's case, those are both 5-Loss Years in the ACC. And, one of those 5-Loss ACC Championship Seasons, Coach Richt beat Florida State by twice their score that season 26-13.
(5) As far as the Offenses of the 2 programs since Coach Richt accepted this gig at Georgia, the inevitable discussion of Quarterback Comparisons at the 2 schools is even more telling. As Coach Richt was in charge of teaching the Quarterbacks at both schools for the last entire 2 full decades, one can consider the vast success of the Quarterbacks at both schools with Coach Richt and the vast lack of success at both schools without Coach Richt. The Winningest Division 1-A Starting Quarterback in the history of The NCAA at 42-10 David Greene is a stark contrast to the abject lack of a Quarterback at FSU in the same timeframe. And, following that up with then The Georgia Bulldogs' All-Time Season Record Holder at both 24 Passing Touchdowns and 28 Total Touchdowns in a Season by DJ Shockley this last year makes this direct point about just how badly Bobby Bowden has missed Coach Richt at FSU. And, DJ's senior class went 44-9 even better than David Pollack's and David Greene's Senior Class of 42-10. By direct comparison, no one can even name the Quarterbacks at FSU who have lost these 21 games since Coach Richt took this gig here at Georgia while our Program in the same timeframe, The Coach Richt Era at Georgia, has lost only 13 games. And, if anyone could name an FSU Quarterback, on or off the field, at FSU in the Coach Richt Era at Georgia, FSU fans would just as soon, not remember their names.

I point this out, as Georgia is facing for the 1st Time this Season in The Coach Richt Era, a season without a proven ready to step in and Win Quarterback. Yet, with all these Recruiting Rankings of Quarterbacks for example # 2 QB Recruit Matthew Stafford of TX, # 3 QB Recruit Joe Cox of NC, # 9 QB Recruit Blake Barnes of MS, and the # 20 Dual Threat QB 5 years ago out of Georgia Joe Tereshinski III, folks say Coach Richt will not do well this season. He will go 9-4 and could get to 10-4 if that would get him to the SEC Championship Game for the 4th time of the last 5 years this season.

How could anyone analyze FSU and Georgia since that ill-fated day December 20, 2000 that Coach Richt accepted this gig at Georgia, and not notice the great Quarterbacks that Coach Richt has developed every year at both schools ? And, the resultant success of the Recruiting Average Rankings the last 5 years and the Final AP Poll Average Rankings the last 5 years since.

Or, say that Coach Richt doesn't have again this up-coming season, better Quarterbacks at Georgia than at Florida State since the very day Coach Richt accepted this gig at Georgia.

I would make the statement that we will be 9-4, or even 10-4 if Coach Richt can return to the SEC Championship Game for the 4th time in 5 years this up-coming season and that the reason will we do so, is because of Coach Richt's Quarterbacks at Georgia.

As it was for Coach Richt's Quarterbacks at FSU back when.

I would also say that we have some unfinished business in the Coach Richt Era. While the win by 3 TDs over # 5 Coaches' Poll and # 6 Final AP Poll LSU was great to Win our 12th SEC Championship and 2nd in the last 4 years, we have little to hang our heads about with 3 quality losses to # 5 Final AP Poll West Virginia 35-38, # 12 Final AP Poll Florida Crocodiles 10-13, and # 14 Final AP Poll Auburn 30-31. And, again compared to the lousy losses to really crappy teams that Florida State has lost to again this season and that Miami of Florida lost to again this season compared to Georgia, is a stark contrast to what Coach Richt has actually accomplished at Georgia in the Coach Richt Era.

As for these graphs, Georgia indeed has suffered on Defense in not having enough Defensive Tackles we recruited for Rodney Garner who actually do tackle, and we lose our Secondary for this up-coming season.

As for our Offense, frankly, it has not been as solid a performer as has the Defense Overall in the Coach Richt Era, and the Special Teams have been especially poor at returning kickoffs and holding onto Punts with our Punt Returner having dropped 13 percent of his punt returns last season for example. As for the kickoff returns which 30-year old Kirby Smart was in charge of, perhaps 46-year old Tony Ball can do something about that ?

I'd say The Georgia Bulldog Nation has much to be proud of being ranked 9 consecutive years in the Final AP Poll with only 1 other program in all of America, FSU and that each has won 87 games starting 1997. 87-25 FSU 87-27 Georgia. And, while we have Won 7 of these 9 years' bowl games, it was tough sitting there and falling behind 28-0 as soon as I sat down in my seat at The Sugar Bowl in Atlanta at The Dome booing Michael F. Adam$.

We play an especially tough list of opponents every season, as you would notice by going to and seeing the article by Tom Dienhart lists his Top 14 teams for next season while Georgia just played 5 of those Top 14 teams. Why he lists only 14 teams two weeks ago at the Top of his list for next season, is another question altogether since that list leaves The Georgia Bulldogs, out.

Some points are self evident such as that Coach Richt has replaced FSU at the top of the Rankings since he accepted this gig here at Georgia because of his Quarterback play. I expect no less this coming season, indeed for the foreseeable future with our Average # 5.8 Recruiting Class Rankings for the 5 years that includes our Redshirt Seniors this season that are available for you to average on both Rivals and this morning.

Georgia was # 3 in the SEC in rushing the football last season, and while many times it was DJ Shockley who jump-started our Running Attack last season, this up-coming season should be specifically better than # 3 in the SEC in Rushing this up-coming 9-4 I predict season.

Anonymous said...

man, nice facts and all, but please go to your local elementary school and borrow an English book. That may be the worst structured blog ever. How can you not know how to properly write a simple sentence? I got a headache just tryig to read and comprehend it. Amazing...

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