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March 23, 2006

Dennis Dodd gives UGA much love

Dennis Dodd has his pre-season Top 25 poll up and ready for complaining. SEC schools report in at:

#2 LSU
#4 Auburn
#9 Florida
#10 Georgia

He also lists Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina as teams to watch. I think UGA may be a little high at #10, but I love his justification:
10. Georgia: Maybe the Dawgs are overvalued here in the top 10 but we have faith in Mark Richt. D.J. Shockley sat around for four years. That was an upset in itself. Then he had a spectacular senior season. We have faith that Joe (Three Sticks) Tereshinski III or freshman Matthew Stafford will be able to get it done this year. This is a fantastic staff that continually is able to rebuild.
It's still early but ... how can you not pencil this team in for nine wins based on history alone?
Some thoughts on the other SEC teams:
AU - Auburn plays nine (that's right 9) games in the state of Alabama next year. Their home schedule includes Washington State, LSU, Florida, Georgia and Arkansas. Their only sigificant road game is Tuscaloosa where they haven't lost since around 1893. They won't finish at #4 given they play three other Top 10 teams, but they should have a very strong team.

LSU - #2 seems a bit high for a team with serious questions around their QB and DLine. That said, Miles has tons of post-Saban talent to work with. Road games against Auburn, Tennessee and Florida doesn't scream Fiesta Bowl trip to me...especially not with Les Miles as coach. You take away the ass kicking of Miami in the Peach last year, and this rating would be dramatically lower.

Meyer is nobody's friend. If Meyer were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and ass. - Garth Algar

Gators - I think they may be a bit underrated here, but not much. They are my favorite to win the East this year. Mostly because they get Spurrier at home, Georgia has holes to fill everywhere and the Vols aren't back on top yet. I could see the SEC East champ with a 6-2 record this year.

Richt finally gets props from CFN

Also - CFN has their rankings of top SEC coaches. Their content is generally fairly worthless, but they do issue a mea culpa to Richt from last year. They have him and Spurrier at co-#1s.



Unknown said...

yeah, i know the real quote from Garth. I modified it b/c I'm toning the profanity down to the basics.

Dawgnoxious said...

LSU seems really high. I can't see how they're Top 5. I think UGA is a little high as well. We're a legit Top 15 team, but #10 is a little high.

Anonymous said...

I think it may be several years between undefeated champions in the SEC. No "parity" but lots of teams that can defeat another on any given day, particularly in SEC E. Better chance of being undefeated if from SEC W.

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