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March 23, 2006

What can Brown do for you?

Spring has sprung -- unless you pay attention to which is reporting 40 degree temps here at the Georgia Sports Blog World Headquarters. With Spring practice in full gear, the papers are full of news about progress, weights and possible transfers.

The Athens paper has news of Michael Brown's possible transfer to UGA. If he's transferring because he's homesick or doesn't like Meyer, then great. If his motivation is anything else, he won't be happy at any program. I'd love to have him if he's coming to work. We're desperate for DTs and OTs that can play. Same story also talks about Stafford's weight. The AJC also jumps in with an article on Brown's possible transfer.

The ABH also has a story on Brandon Miller's progress. has a similar story on Miller.

For more links to Spring Practice coverage, check

Image from the Athens Banner Herald.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a lazy/unmotivated player would come to Georgia. Everybody that comes here knows they are going to participate in mat drills, our infamous run till you puke then run some more program. He is probably homesick and figures if he can't start here he can at least eat some of Mom's cooking every now and then.

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