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March 9, 2006

ESPN lists the 10 Toughest Position Vacancies

Replacing Shockley?

Interesting article by Bruce Feldman, ESPN's blogger.
"As most teams prepare for the starts of their spring practice sessions, I figured this week's list made sense to examine what the 10 toughest position vacancies are in regard to the 2006 national title picture. (Meaning, while yeah, I agree DeAngelo Williams, Jerome Harrison and Jay Cutler all are irreplaceable I figure even if they were back for another season, their programs still wouldn't be contenders.)"
He lists replacing Shockley as #7 on the list. The SEC had 4 of the top 10 with AU, UF, UGA and Bama all having a listing. (Hat tip to for the link)

On the totally unrelated front:
-- "Hey, Jenny Slater" turned 1 year old on Monday. Go Dawgs to him. Doug, who runs the place over there, had a great commentary on Columbus, GA last week. It was in regards to the crazy story about the mentally ill patients working security at UGA, AU and Falcons games.

-- If you're a GT fan lurking around here, check out GoldenTornado's season recap of GT hoops. It's very good. Barring a miracle tonight, UGA's hoops recap will be up by 8 am tomorrow.

Until then.



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