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March 8, 2006

Geriatric Fisticuffs

Another day, another way Regent and UGA non-graduate Don Leebern makes both the State and University of Georgia proud.

In an altercation involving barking dogs, Leebern, 68, and Mason Bentley, 48, the son of former Athens may Upshaw Bentley, settled a dispute like mature adults with an oldster donnybrook in the middle of the street.

[Tastes Great or Less Filling? Let's settle this once and for all.]

The fight was witnessed by Leebern's wife lady friend, UGA gymnastics coach Suzanne Yoculan. Bentley suffered a broken nose and a punctured lung.

According to the article, Bentley--bleeding from his nose and knuckles after getting whipped by an old dude of nearly 70--also threatened to get his AK-47 from his house.

Stay Classy, Oconee County.

[Don't mess with old dudes, especially ones who co-habitate with gymnastics coaches]

Update: Photo of post-fracas Bentley.

Maybe this is how Leebern has stayed on the Board of Regents for so long: "If you can whip me, you can take my seat!" Either that, or buying Governors.

Bureau Chief
Don Leebern Antics Division


Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Good grief. When I read that they got into a fistfight over "barking dogs," I was expecting to read about rottweilers or pit bulls or Dobermans or something, but this whole dispute started over a . . . Jack Russell terrier?

As the proud owner of a little dog myself, I can state with reasonable certainty that I would only start throwing punches if someone physically lifted my dog off the ground and threw her at something. Getting into an actual fistfight, or even demanding that someone "come over here so we can settle this," over anything less is teh ghey.

Besides, Yoculan could've destroyed both of those old farts all by herself without even breaking a sweat. I wonder if we'll receive any probative Fulmer Cup points for this?

Anonymous said...

All that viagra will make you crazy.

Anonymous said...

The line about the punctured lung is probably the show stopper.

Dawgnoxious said...

Orson needs to weigh in on whether this is eligible for Fulmer Cup consideration.

Doug: I agree about Suzanne. She could have crushed them each like walnuts between her thighs, while wearing a ballgown and 8-inch heels.

Anonymous said...

It ain't nothing for me to whup a man's ass.

Anonymous said...

can i sign up to be crushed between yoculan's thighs while she wears high heels.

or would that be grounds for an ass kicking by leebern?

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily on topic at hand, but what's the context of Dantzler's quote about you and your blog?

Anonymous said...

That article is spectacular. The only thing that would make that more trashy is if he wasn’t wearing any pants.

Anonymous said...

I said months ago that Dantzler should get called into the principal's office because he said --- during a bulldawg basketball game telecast while working for UGA --- that Georgia had no shot against LSU. There was no chance that we could win that game. It is a definite loss.

I said that he should keep his sports talk schtick on sports talk and keep his fatalistic opinions off the gameday telecast.

He said a few months later on his sports talk show the comment above in reference to my allegation that he should get called on the carpet for saying what he said.


Dawgnoxious said...

Crystal Hills is just not a safe neighborhood. I would not want someone I care about to live near all that crime.

I have this image on Leeburn going home and doing one-arm push-ups like Jack Palance at the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

Ray Goff also lived in Crystal Hills. One evening someone stole his tractor and when asked the next day about the incident he was famously quoted as saying "Any man that will steal your tractor will shoot your dog."

I miss Ray and his sideline warmup suit so much.

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