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March 7, 2006

Orson Swindle's Paul Finebaum Interview

Orson goes one on one with Paul Finebaum. It's an outstanding interview. I actually like Finebaum for what he is and how he presents himself. Even if I don't agree with him.

Unlike my dad, I don't have an "I HEART Finebaum" shirt.

For those of you who didn't grow up Bama fans like I did, it helps to appreciate Finebaum's sense of humor with a look at where the above photo comes from:

Some hardcore Bama fans consider Finebaum's parody pic above as sacreligious.



C. Paul said...

I agree about Finebaum although he plays down his absolute love of the following three schools: Bama, AU and UT.

Now I don't blame him as he lives in Bama and went to UT; but it gets tedious after a while when you want something beyond the Big 3.

That said - he's always a great college football read/listen and his work on the HealthSouth trial was fantastic.

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