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April 17, 2006

Articles on Blogging

This is more for the other bloggers that read this or those who's jobs are impacted by blogging.

Real convo from last night between me and my brother RoyOrbisonDawg.
PWD: Remind me later. That's an ideal topic for blogging.

Roy: I was under the impression that the first day anniversary of yesterday would do for blogging.

PWD: Good point
Rodger Morrow, former Gerald Ford speech writer and publisher of the blog titled "This isn't Writing it's Typing," talks about bloggers becoming sort of a farm club for the Mainstream Media. He states:
Some time ago, I wrote that if journalism is the first rough draft of history, then blogging is the first rough draft of journalism. By the same token, I have a general sense that the mainstream media looks at the blogosphere partly as a repository of ideas free for the taking, partly as research service and partly as a farm club for editorial talent.....For us, blogging isn't a training ground for the big leagues, for "the Show." It is the Show.
True. I don't know of a sports blogger who's out there trying to "break stories" or compete with the "news" side of the mainstream media. However, there are a variety of bloggers who add more color and humor to typical sports stories than the mainstream media. Is that competition? Not by design.

I don't think Orson Swindle wakes up and says, "Yesterday I was funnier than Bill Simmons. Today, I will be funnier than Steve Hummer." He just wakes up and writes. The rest takes care of itself.

I guess the desire to break stories exists in the political blogs, but aren't they really just trying to be the first to blog/comment stories that have already been written by someone else? Clearly, I digress.

Back in Feb, New Yorker Magazine did a lengthy article called Blogs to Riches. It looks at the difference between A list, B list and C list bloggers. Cool article that talks about the Gawker empire and other big multi-million hit blogs. It's an excellent; although long as hell, read.

And if we slip way, way back into the time machine there's "Attack of the Blogs" (November of last year) from Forbes which is a myopic, one sided hatchet piece on blogs. Biggest piece of trash I've read yet on the topic. However, it does state that 100,000 blogs are created daily. Although, some would argue that 25% are created by Georgia or Michigan football fans.

So there's that.



Brother Josh said...

Blog Stats
According to Technorati the "blogosphere" continues to double every 6 months. Current projections show a tripling or quadrupling once football season rolls back around.

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