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April 18, 2006

Who Pities Barry Bonds?

It seems that Barry Bonds' thus-far pitiful 2006 performance has caused some of his detractors to turn all nancy-like. The sports bloggers extraordinaire at Deadspin discuss why they have even taken some measure of pity on Barry:

We don’t have the gumption to boo him anymore. It’s not that we don’t think he’s a jerk anymore, or don’t feel betrayed that he broke countless baseball records while taking enough steroids to kill a horse. It’s just that the time when he is most hated happens to coincide with the point of his largest vulnerability.
Wow, it does seem kind of jerky to kick a man when he's down. What to do? I followed my gut and took guidance from the wise words of Sensei Kreese: We do not train to be merciful here, mercy is for the weak. A man confronts you in the street he is your enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was not alone. Unbeknownst to me, elsewhere in the blogosphere, the Bringer of Doom and I were simpatico. They have an apocryphal theory that each homerun Bonds hits brings us closer to armageddon. To those who would ease up on Barry: you ignore the apocalypse at your peril.

Season Opener, '06: Sweep the leg, San Diego!


Anonymous said...

Why is this entry here?

"Content, Commentary and Comedy about UGA, the Bulldogs and our SEC / ACC rivals"

Uga news? Nope. Bulldog news? Not a bit. And the Giants are neither in the SEC nor ACC.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lighten up Francis. Bonds is a jerk, and worthy of blog commentary in the off season.

Anonymous said...

When did Inmansnastydisposition start reading your blog Paul?

I kid, I kid

Anonymous said...

Dear Barry, errrr, Anonymous:

Why SHOULDN'T this entry be here? It's not like the authors have a contract with you to provide specific content. While you exhibit a remarkable grasp of the obvious (The Giants aren't in the SEC or ACC? Really?!?!?!?!? Quick, someone tell David Perno, so he can stop worrying about how to pitch to Bonds), perhaps you noticed that YOUR name isn't on this blog. As such, you should perhaps take the advice frequently offered by Archie Bunker to Edith and just STIFLE.

As for sympathy for that arrogant, lying, cheating Barry Bonds...don't make me start projectile vomiting. If there is a less sympathetic figure in modern sports history, his name isn't springing to mind.

Plus, any article that subscribes to the wisdom of John Kreese in dealing with one's enemies is pure philosophical gold. No one is pulling the wings off hummingbirds here, Anonymous. Barry Bonds is an ass, always has been. He's a demonstrated cheater. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwing. If someone is picking on Dave Dravecky, THAT's wrong. If feeling a certain amount of schadenfreude at the failure of Barry Bonds to elude the feds or play up to the chemically induced standards of the last few seasons is wrong, I dont want to be right.

Dawgnoxious said...

"If someone is picking on Dave Dravecky, THAT'S wrong". Wow, All school, that was funny as hell. Comedy gold, plus a bonus use of my favorite German word. Kudos!

It was a slow dawg-news day, so I was trying to add some relevant/provocative fresh content while PWD was busy with his real job today.

Unknown said...

Anon - There's a web site you should check out. It's called From there you can create your own blog.

I plan to write several more articles about the Braves, and I also write about the Falcons from time to time as the spirit moves me. Along with random pop culture references. Especially when things are slow.

It's not like Dawgnoxious avoided writing a big feature article on the Offensive Line's progress during practice this week.

Lighten up.


Anonymous said...

The Kreese-speak sounds cool, but I'd prefer to just swing at him real hard, only to pull up and honk his nose.

Anonymous said...

Gracias, Dawgnoxious. I figure any day you get to use the terms "John Kreese," "hummingbirds," and "schadenfreude" in the same paragraph is a good day.

Dare I say that I almost felt a little Dennis Miller-ish there? Of course, I could be wrong.

Unknown said...

Thanks for writing this. I've seen another blogger also hinting that he was going weak in his anger towards Bonds. Now is not the time for that. He should be booed and harassed (anything legal) for what he is doing to the game. He deserves every iota of what he's getting.

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