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April 29, 2006

Ask a Ninja: Ninja Grub

While taking a break from the NFL Draft coverage, I saw this in my draft folder and figured I would share it. With the heightened awareness of the Athens ninja culture, I discovered the site.

No word on the estimated launch date for

Ninja Grub



Anonymous said...

Ask A Methodist Ninja? Ask them what? Aren't Methodist Ninjas proven to be the Vanderbilt of Ninjas? How else can you explain a mere handful of Barney Fifes from ATF subduing one without suffering so much as a split fingernail?

Do you think a Methodist Ninja could tell you anything other than maybe the name of an effective pain reliever, or a good bail bondsman? Do you think that they could tell you why covered dishes are a more effective ninja weapon than shurikens?

Can you believe this entire comment is in the interrogative tense?

Unknown said...

Methodist Ninjas are good at playing Softball.

That's about it.


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