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April 28, 2006

Clausen News, Red River Shootout and More

Doug at HeyJennySlater has a masterpiece up discussing the evolution of the Clausen family. It's a must read to start your morning. For more on Jimmy Clausen's recruitment check out my article from earlier this week titled "Four Horsemen and a Jackass."

Four More Years! Four More Years! Four More Years!

Klye King has DawgSports discussing conference re-alignment. He's up to Part 11 in his series. An 11 part series? I think that sort of makes him the Alex Haley of the Blogosphere.

Over in Texas, everything is bigger. Including the politics surrounding the Red River Shootout. Georgia and Florida fans should keep an eye on how this Texas/Oklahoma vs. the City of Dallas situation evolves. We already strong armed Jacksonville into stadium renovations on multiple occassions. However, if UT/OU goes home/home and leaves Dallas, the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party will become the last big neutral site game in the country.

I need to attend this before it leaves the State Fairgrounds

While we're talking Longhorns, the article above also mentions that Arkansas and Texas will renew their series for 2 games. has more thoughts on Texas vs. the Hawgs.

Want a great segue? BurntOrangeNation also has an interview up with Orson from EDSBS about the Gators post-Spring. The BON guys take the interview in a different direction than I did in my pre-Spring UF interviews with Orson and the guys at WATB.

Lastly, the Clarion Ledger in Mississippi has an interesting article up discussing MSU and Ole Miss' efforts to get out of the SEC basement. The article also happens to put Georgia at 4th in the SEC for 2006.



LD said...

Well, it might not be BCS-big, but I still consider Army-Navy to be a big game at a neutral site. It sells out every year, and I know I make time to watch it every year.

National implications, no. But Army is improving and Navy has been pretty good under Johnson. In fact, it's probably one of the 3 or 4 games (not including UGA games) that I'd like to make an effort to see in person someday.

LD said...

Grambling-Southern is another neutral site game that's pretty big.

Anonymous said...

It just kills me everytime I think about the Iron Bowl leaving Birmingham. It's just not right. I hope these others can hold out.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I was really bummed when the Iron Bowl went home-and-home a few years ago, too, but every time I set foot in Legion Field, the first think is, "Yeah, there's no way they could keep having it here."

I'd really love to see Birmingham get a new stadium soon, if only to give UAB a nicer place to play in, but there's no telling who's gonna pay for it.

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