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April 30, 2006

Draft Day 1 Thoughts

The Good
1. Arizona Cardinals - Combine Edge James with drafting Leinart, Lutui and Pope, and it looks like a great offseason for the Cards. Especially when you consider they already have Larry Fitzgerald and Bouldin. That has to be the most impressive group of young skill players in the country. Watch out in 2007. More on Leonard Pope signing with the Cardinals.

2. Everyone that has to play the Ohio State Buckeye defense next year. Five front line Buckeye players leave that defense in the first three rounds. Seven overall players taken in Day 1. Impressive.

3. Tim Jennings - Considered by some a free agent going into the draft, and considered by most a Day 2 guy. "Uncle Timmy" moved all the way up to Round 2. The last Bulldog offered a scholarship four years ago becomes the first Dawg drafted today.

GATA Timmy! (Photo by Jim Hipple)

4. New Orleans Saints - Reggie Bush fell into their lap due to the staggeringly bad choice of the Texans to draft Mario Williams.

5. Falcons Draft Jimmy Williams - What a great trade. The Falcons move up a few slots and grab a first round caliber CB in the second round.

The Bad:
1. Pope slipping to the 3rd Round. Falling below a TE from WMU. Are you kidding me? The Cardinals might have gotten the steal of the third round in Pope.

2. Max Jean-Gilles' day from hell. I called this one a few months back. Max showed up at the NFL Combine, and he weighed about 30 lbs more than almost every other player in Indy. You don't show up for the biggest job interview of your life in that sort of shape. Greg Blue had a tough day too, but he's already won in my book by simply avoiding the fate of his father.

Scouts review Greg's info

3. Leinart slipping to 10th. He was a lock #1 overall pick last year. When Norm Chow let Matt slip by him at #3 that was either the world's biggest endorsement of Vince Young or the biggest question mark to Leinart's abilities possible. Ouch.

The Ugly:
1. Drafting Mario Williams #1. Wojciechowski nailed it for ESPN and said it was an absolute choke job on draft day by the Texans.

2. Falcons drafting a running back in Round 3. why? Why? WHY? If they don't see Duckett in their plans, then why not dump him pre-draft for another pick? Norwood is an ok running back, but the Falcons needed major help along the offensive and defensive lines. Tomorrow needs to be all about the beef.

For a good take on the Winners and Losers of Draft Day, check out Clayton's article from ESPN or's take on the draft.



Anonymous said...

Gil Brandt's Analysis on Tim Jennings
"If he were three inches taller, he would have been a top-10 pick."

"If he were three inches taller Ben, he'd have been talked about like Champ Bailey."--Willie Martinez when Tim signed. I was covering signing day for the Red and Black, Jennings was the one player I was unfamiliar with, and being my normal annoyingly inquisitive self, I made a point to ask Garner, Van Gorder, and Martinez all about him.

I think he fits in beautifully with the Colts. Size isn't a huge issue for CBs in Tony Dungy's scheme, never has been. Timmy has the speed, and the willingness to hit, that makes him an ideal corner for their 2deep system. He'll be an impact player for that D.

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