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May 1, 2006

Random Musings from Yesterday

So IHeartFinebaumDawg calls me and tells me that he attended the UGA vs. UT softball game yesterday in which Georgia topped the #4 ranked Lady Vols to win the SEC East.

So on the call he informs me, "You know son, I believe I'd root against UT in a turd throwing contest." To wit my brother, RoyOrbisonDawg, ask the obvious question. "How would they score a turd throwing contest? Distance of the turd fling? Volume of turds flung? Or coverage of turds upon your opponent?" There are no easy answers. Regardless, we all agreed that UT wouldn't be pulled for in such an affair.

Not a turd flinging.

Other quick hitters:
- Congrats to Shockley for gaining the opportunity to make the team here in Atlanta. He'll probably make the squad as a 3rd team QB. His season will be very similar to what Greene experienced last year in Seattle. Meaning, he'll get virtually zero snaps after the season starts. However, it's a shot and a payday.

- Good luck to Musa Smith. The often injured running back for the Ravens will likely get his walking papers soon. The biggest bummer of them all....PJ Daniels will likely get his roster spot. Here's hoping Musa gets healthy.

- But it's not all praise for the Falcons. No idea why the Falcons felt the need to sign the WR from Fresno State. You can get journeymen WRs in Free Agency 1 hour after the draft ends. Why spend a 6th round pick on one when you could've signed a DT or OL. Sanity be damned I guess.

Big Max in action

- The Eagles drafted Max Jean-Gilles and will have one of the biggest OLs in the NFL next year. Max will line up at the OG spot opposite of Shawn Andrews. Together they are about 710 lbs of road grading domination (hat tip to begger for making the Andrews connection)

- Georgia had 13 players selected in the last two drafts combined. 40 players since 2000. Georgia Tech had 3 this year and none last year. Initially, I was a bit shocked that Eric Henderson didn't get drafted, but the scouting report from on his work ethic, speed and aggression was pretty brutal. After reading it, I could see why his phone didn't ring.

Oh...back to that phone call with IHeartFinebaumDawg...On the call he out of the blue also announced, "I think I prefer female athletes with big butts." To each his own I guess.



Anonymous said...

I'm as big a UGA and DJ Shockley fan as anybody, but Shockley is going to have a tough time making the Falcons squad. He'll be battling VT's Bryan Randall, among others, from the #3 spot. Randall is a winner and had a very good career with the Hokies. He's had a lot more reps than Shockley in game situations. Could be a major disappointment for DJ. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Randall has been given his opportunity to succeed with an extra year of practice with the Falcons, but he lacks the armstrength to make many NFL throws. It should be an interesting battle in August. As for the Fresno State WR, he isn't in Atlanta for his receiving ability, he is here to replace Allen Rossum and his million dollar contract. Check Jenning's return stats.

Nathan said...

Hendu would have been drafted if he could ever stay healthy. The guy's legs are made of tinfoil I think.

It's unfortunate, but nobody wants to invest gaurenteed money into a guy who only played 8 games a year in college. That being said, he's with the Bengals now and will be backing up Pollack (at least in camp) which should be interesting. I always though Henderson was the superior pass rusher of the two (with the ever present qualifier of "when he was healthy") but Pollack was better at the point of attack against the run and could drop in coverage more fluidly - Hendu is very poor in space.

Anonymous said...

I think DJ can beat out Randall for the job, but I am certainly biased.

Agree on the comment about the Fresno WR. He's a little slot jitterbug guy the Falcons don't have, and could end up replacing the aging Allen Rossum (who's useless at CB anyway) at return man.

And I'm gonna be laughin for a month on those family moments, priceless. Not hard to guess that a sense of a humor runs in your blood.

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