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May 22, 2006

616* Homers. ESPN Page 2 looks at Bonds run at the Record

not so juicy

Interesting read from ESPN proposing a theory that Bonds without steriods would be at around 616 career home runs.
So, how did Page 2 place Bonds' "legitimate" total at 616 homers? In taking away 98 home runs since 1999 -- when Bonds' allegedly began using steroids -- we sought to quantify the performance-enhancing effects of steroids in four hitting-related categories: strength, stamina, longevity and confidence.

To do so, we spoke to a swing guru, a major league scout, training and biomechanics specialists, and an expert on the physics of baseball. We looked over hit charts and home run distances, tabulating every Bonds blast from '99 to now. We even got help from a nuclear scientist (albeit a nuclear scientist who really likes baseball).
The article closes with a good comment on Bonds. "Such is the shame in having to wonder: Without steroids, Bonds was a damn good player. With steroids, he's a good player damned."



Anonymous said...

For the 1 guy in 100 that still doesn't admit Barry was juicing, all you have to do is look at pictures from early in his career, such as the picture PWD posted. In Bonds rookie year, he was LISTED at 185 pounds. As college football fans, we should know listed weights aren't usually accurate. He was realistically about 175 or so. Now he's LISTED at 230. If you look at the guy though, you know he's got to be 250 if he weighs a pound. So if you follow my logic, he's approximately gained 75 pounds while in the Majors, with little fat gained. I dont care how much you work out, you cannot add that much muscle mass to your body naturally.

Unknown said...

you can add that much muscle naturally from maybe age 18-24. But he didn't start getting big like that until he was in his late 20s.

Even Ralph Wiggum knows...
"Bonds add 70 pounds? Thats Unpossible."

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