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May 22, 2006

Dawgs Still in the Running for a Super Regional Slot?

Dawgs need a hot start in Hoover

The Diamond Dawgs did what it took to secure the #3 seed in the SEC tourney, and they hung on to their hopes for an NCAA Super Regional host site by winning two of three from Kentucky.

As I suggested on, here are my thoughts on locks, likely sites and the battle for the final spots when it comes to the eight Super Regional sites.

I based these on last week's polls, how the teams faired over the week (ie...Nebraska blew their shot a Super Regional) and WarrenNolan's RPI site. Agree? Disagree?

Locks (in order):
1. Rice
2. Clemson
3. Texas
4. Cal State
5. Bama (Champ of #1 overall conference playing tourney in home state)

Front Runners for the other 3 but can still blow it:
6. UNC (#2 team in #2 league)
7. Oregon State (Pac 10 Champ gets a site b/c of Geography as much as merit)

Final Slot Battling it out with chances to move up:
UGA - two SEC teams should definitely host given SOS. However, we still have to move up the polls.

UK - UK probably has never hosted a Super. That's a plus. However, stadium is smallish. If they can do some temp seating, they should be fine if they advance in the tourney. Needs a big tourney showing.

Oklahoma State - #2 team in a power conference. Geography isn't their friend b/c of Rice and Texas.

GT - Finished 4th in the ACC. Would just about have to win the ACC Tourney to host a super. However, they do have a ridiculously high RPI.

UVA - #3 in the ACC. Solid ranking and RPI.

Dawgs have to win on Day 1. Almost impossible to make any real noise in B-ham starting from the Losers bracket. Plus, we need to keep winning just to avoid being in Clemson's super regional.

BTW -- As of Sunday night, the Dawgs were the cover story over on

I'm very new to college baseball blogging. I'm trying to cover this stuff, but my knowledge is not as deep as my interest. If you've got a great baseball bracketology site or others that I should be checking / linking to, please send me a link. Thanks!



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