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May 16, 2006

Around the Horn with Mike Adams vs. Fun

So Mike Adams wants to steal all the fun from the world. No longer satisfied with his overbearing reach into every corner of UGA tailgating fun...he is now pissing off the Gators too.

Mayor Kyle looks at "The World's Largest Indoor Presidential Ego."

Orson Swindle says that UGA and UF fans finally have something to agree about. (caution: liberal use of profanity)

And The Wizard of Odds points out how ridiculous Adams' war on booze is given that his biggest backer on the Board of Regents runs a $700 million liquor distribution company.



Anonymous said...

Geez not only has this ass clown continued to piss off the Georgia faithful but now all those jean short wearing mullets down in Florida have joined the fight...WOW! Unreal. Georgia and Florida fans banding together? The end of the world has to be around the corner.

Canton Bulldog said...

Perhaps the odd alliance of Adams and Leebern is unraveling?

As a PR move, Adams probably is going to win this one. There are very few people positively spin the promotion of drinking alcohol to student body where the majority is unable to drink legally. That is how Adams is going to position his argument.

However, it is an odd fight for him to choose. It is after all just football game. There is only one other big-time game like it anywhere else.

Apparently this was a topic on PTI yesterday, but I did not get to see it. Anyone else see what Wilbon and Kornheiser said?

Unknown said...

I missed it, but I'll ask around. I know several folks who tivo PTI

Anonymous said...

The PTI guys took a pretty neutral stance on the issue.

Wilbon made a connection between Adam$ and Hootie Johnson, saying something like 'what is it with people in Georgia?' He also thought CBS should ignore Adam$.

Canton Bulldog said... article about this subject indicates that Mike Slive has requested that their television partners not refer to the game as "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" and he made the request in January.

Given that information and the fact that Florida has had two students killed in Jacksonville during the weekend of the game the last two year, I suspect that UF quietly went to Slive with the request.

Adams appears to have signed on to this cause much later. Considering he never seems to anything unless it gives him "mostly favorable" publicity, Adams had latched onto this for PR sake alone. It was not his idea - but consider me a skeptic.

Unknown said...

just to clarify....

the Gator fan killed last year, was killed by local Jacksonville kids. Not UGA students.

So, I'm not sure what difference UGA and UF calling the game a differnet name will have on the local thugs of Jax.

Canton Bulldog said...

it won't have any effect, but my point is that Adams so starved for publicity that he will try to take credit for pushing an agenda that the SEC commissioner started in four months before him.

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