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May 17, 2006

ESPN Gameday to Open Season with Fish Toss

Local Georgia Tech student finds ideal fish for Notre Dame game

The Georgia Tech fan base (meaning both Dan and Nathan) is fired up about the recent announcement that ABC will open the season by televising Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame at 8:00 pm on Sept. 2nd. ESPN College Gameday will also be there.

Why the excitement? The younger GT fans will finally get to participate in the famous GT tradition of throwing dead fish and hurling anti-catholic insults at Notre Dame players. That was a sacred right of passage for the Tech old timers who saw the last fish flinging episode in 1974. Total person huh? The entire situation reminds me of an old Bobby Dodd speech.
"We feel that the spectator can be most influential and instrumental in helping to achieve these objectives, if he will develop the right attitudes. May we suggest a few?

The fan that flings fish at catholic students or beats up the other team's band members gets a great deal more enjoyment from the game than one who doesn't.

Dodd returned to GT in '74 to train students

Also, we would never minimize the importance of winning, but it is very unfair to the coach, the player, and the school when fans forget to hit a ref in the head with liquor bottles when they blow a call.

The spectator should remember the football players are just human beings. They perform at times under great pressure, and they, as all other earthly inhabitants, are likely to make mistakes. It behooves all of us to remember, "To err is human, to boo, divine."

Robert L. "Bobby" Dodd
Head Coach and Athletic Director
Georgia Institute of Technology
In anticipation of that game, I loudly say "Go Irish."

Paul Westerdawg
Georgia Sports Blog

BTW -- For more on ABC expanding up the Primetime slot try Orson's article on Footbaw Games.


Anonymous said...

I will be cheering for a black hole to hit historic erector set field about the time the game is played.

Dawgnoxious said...

Truly, this is a non-SEC meteor game. Unfortunately, I think ND is the evil of two lessers, or something like that.

Anonymous said...

It's the classic Chan Gailey game. GT will come out guns blazing, win a late one and lose to Wake Forest 3 weeks later by 14 points.

I'll root for the Jackets in this one. Big wins and high rankings make the thanksgiving weekend matchup more important.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast, my friend.....

The ND calendar you relied on is actually wrong. Even the ND dweeb who put it together said "I think this is when..."

I was actually at the Fish Game. It was in the fall of 1978, the same day as the Auburn-Georgia game where we tied them because William Andrews was downed on the half yard line. I was there partly because a buddy was getting married in Buckhead at 6pm (and I would never have made it back from the traffic fiasco at AU) and partly because, as a good Irish Catholic boy, I figured I would enjoy seeing ND trounce GTU. Which, by the way, I did.

It saddens, but does not surprise me, that that episode is considered to be the high water mark of GTU manliness and spirit. What a clueless bunch of pencil necks.

The actions of the GTU fans that day were disgraceful.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Not a "meteor game" for me -- I'm no Fightin' Irish superfan by any stretch, but as a lapsed and then re-indoctrinated Catholic, if the matchup is Papists vs. Über-dorks, I know who I'm siding with. The power of Christ compels you!

Anonymous said...

Good thing I'll be Athens that day or the Brady Quinn hypefest might lead me to pull for GT (at least while they are on defense).

That night I think I'll go watch the game with some ND friends just to see them get pi$$ed every time Bob Davie criticizes Weis.

Anonymous said...

Excellent noodlin' pic. Fine fish he armed out there.

It would surprise no one in the EDSBS bunker if Chan Gailey beat Notre Dame but lost to Duke. That would be just the kind of mindfuck he'd pull on his way to Chan Gailey Equilibrium (7-5).

Canton Bulldog said...

I have to agree with many of you who would like to see some catastrophic paranormal event descend on Grant Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium around kickoff on 9/2/06.

I can stand the "Fighting Irish" (even though I am very Irish, I am not very Catholic.) and probably would pledge allegiance to Chaiman Mao if Notre Dame ever lined up against The People's Republic of China one day.

Disliking Tech is a given.

Anyone notice that ND has announced they want to start playing neutral site games, ala the Rockne-era Fighting Irish? Of course, they want to line these games up in Orlando, Jacksonville, and New Orleans. Just so happens those areas churn out lots of top-level D-1 talent. Wonder how many games the Rockne era ND teams played in Jacksonville?

Anonymous said...

bet ya won't see the number one football program.....ever making any trips to athens. yeah, i know tech fans, this game speaks volume in our history of being yellowjackets!

Anonymous said...

i have recently seen two magazines featuring the top 50 football programs ever(street&smiths, and sporting news) and both of them...................YES... both of them have the yellowjackets above the mutts!!!!hahahaha! gotta hate that! ...tradition!! what a joke!

Anonymous said...

The same Street & Smith that listed Yale and Princeton in the top ten of their greatest football programs ever?

Unknown said...

Yeah, Tech was really something special before face masks, black players and well....electricity.


Anonymous said...

just keep hating!

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