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May 17, 2006

UGA at SC Kickoff Time Announced

Jackson clobbers Pinkins (Photo:

It is all set for 7:45 pm on ESPN. UGA hasn't lost a night game in Columbia at least 1996. A later start will give the brutal Columbia heat a chance to break a bit.

My favorite moment from our last visit to the Carolina Cockroach was Greg Blue's hit on Dondrial Pinkins that knocked him into the middle of next week. Tuesday to be exact. (SaxonDawg at his finest via the DawgVent's archive).

Should be a tough game. The Gamecocks always give us a tough game at their place.

(Hat tip: Chickenbog on


Anonymous said...

We have to come out and take care of buisness. Hit them hard and often give them no quarter and leave SOS wondering why he came back to the WRONG school. He will win his share but something tells me he used his quota of Georgia wins while at Florida.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I've never been to a game in Columbia before, and I've decided I'm gonna try and go this year. Night game should be fun.

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