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May 4, 2006

Georgia in Discussions with Oregon for Football Series

The Athens Banner-Herald is reporting that UGA is in discussions with Oregon about a possible home and home series starting in 2014.

This comes on the heels of Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti apparently mentioning Georgia as a possible opponent for the Ducks in the future during the telecast of the Oregon Spring Game. There were several mentions of this discussion on Oregon message boards.

UGA assistant AD and scheduling guru Arthur Johnson told the ABH:
The home-and-home games with the Pac-10 school wouldn't come before 2014 and no contract has yet been signed.

"Hopefully, we'll get something finalized, but my main concern now is 2007," Johnson said Wednesday.
Oregon doesn't sit at the top of my wish list, but I would love to go there.

I've heard (unconfirmed) that their indoor practice facility (IPF) sits next to the football stadium, and that during games they convert the facility into a beer garden giving fans pass in and pass out privileges. Are there are any Duck fans out there that can confirm or deny this? Interesting if true.

Oregon Coach Bellotti addresses boosters about possible series with UGA



Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

This is great news -- in fact, I might be even more excited about this than I would be about a Georgia-Michigan series. Oregon has been an extremely strong program over the last 5-6 years, and I've always wanted to welcome a Pac-10 team into Sanford Stadium so that those granola-eating West Coast hippies can see how we do it down in the Dirty Dirty.

(And yes, I know how silly it sounds for a flaming left-winger to call anyone else a "granola-eating hippie." It was just for effect.)

Anonymous said...

"Pass in pass out privileges". Hmmm. I know this is - if they let dawg fans pass in, most of them will pass out before the weekend is over. ;-)

Anonymous said...

PWD and others,

I can confirm. I've been to a game in Autzen and the beer garden is there although its a bit tamer than you might imagine. When I was there it was $10 for entry/re-entry passes too.

Anonymous said...

I would definately make a point to tune into those games.

Canton Bulldog said...

Oregon was as the top of my list. I think it would a fantastic trip - especially if it was early to mid-September.

Head out there for a week, play Bandon Dunes, eat Dungeness Crab, drink lots of craft brewed beer, and then head to a game at the only stadium West of the Rockies that even compares in atmosphere (though not size) to the SEC.

Where do we sign up?

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to check Canton Bulldog's DAWG CARD. He's speaking Greek to me. I don't think he's from around here.

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